"Discover The Secret Formula ALL High-Income Business Owners Deploy To Create WINNING Sales Presentations, Every Time"...
Warning! This Is Highly Advanced Material, Built For Professional Entrepreneurs Who GET That Real Businesses Are Built Around Winning Sales Presentations.
How To Turn "Suspects" Into "Prospects" And Prospects Into "Customers For Life"...
From the office of Andrew J. Cass, International Best-Selling Author of Sales Velocity:

In all of my 20+ years in the sales, marketing and business development space, I've never led a training as advanced and as in depth as this one, my Sales Mastery Boot Camp...

If you do sales presentations by webinar or present to large, live groups, this training is an absolute must have as part of your portfolio. Even if you present one-on-one by phone or in person, this is a must.

Without this “map”, is equivalent to beginning a journey by boat from New York down to the Bahamas with no GPS, just winging it, hoping for a safe arrival. Crazy.

PART 1 is a 2-hour video training on how to formulate your BIG selling idea. Without a unique, powerful selling proposition your sales presentation doesn’t stand a chance today. The marketplace no longer has tolerance for ordinary or average offers. PART 1 is the "Foundation" piece and is the recording of a private, members-only Online Workshop I conducted.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in Part 1:

  • The 7-step formula for creating a Big Selling Idea and making it stick. Note: No blockbuster money-making “movie” ever begins without, first, a big idea. Your sales process has to take on the same approach. Consider yourself the director of, what is about to become, a blockbuster money-making “presentation” for your business. No different.
  • How to then turn around and make your Big Selling Idea relatable, tangible and BELIEVABLE. The power of creating belief is way underestimated today. You’ll get the formula in the Boot Camp, not to worry.
  • How to add emotion. People are wired to buy with emotion and justify with logic. Read that again. Yet, the great majority push and push logic onto their prospects and wonder why they sell so little. The pro’s integrate emotion into their sales presentations to connect with their prospects and, not only close sales, but create customers for life — BIG difference. You’ll get the exact formula here on creating “customers for life” not just making some sales.
How To Tell If You're A Leader In Your Field Or A Wimp In Your Field...
PART 2 takes your “BIG Selling Idea” and transfers it into a winning, profit-producing sales presentation. Most start here, attempting to craft a winning sales presentation without building the critical foundation first. PART 2 is the "Strategy" piece and is the recording of a live, in-person members-only seminar I led in Miami, FL.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in Part 2:
  • How to take a strong, “leadership position” in your sales presentation, qualify yourself, and deliver on your Big Selling Idea from Part 1. Winning sales presentations ALL have amazing leadership characteristics built in. People are attracted to leaders. You need to BE one when presenting. Sales Mastery Boot Camp breaks this down for you in a simple to understand format so that, no matter where you may be in your development as a Leader in your field, you’ll know how to properly position yourself. This is huge, easily worth the entire training.
  • How to give value first and sell second. Novice sales people sell, sell, sell first and think they can worry about delivering value later “inside” their product and service, after someone buys. Good luck. Doesn’t work that way. Pro’s provide value first, open the door to their wizadry a bit, and then provide their solution. Huge difference. You’ll get the steps on how to do the same in the Boot Camp.
  • How to inject “E-Factors” into your sales presentation for maximum impact. I won’t get into detail here about what E-Factors are, but let’s just say that this one sophisticated strategy alone is easily worth the entire investment in Sales Mastery Boot Camp. Guaranteed.
As you can see, there is a time-tested formula for all this. It took me many, many years to learn it and who knows how many thousands of dollars invested in training and education and trial and error….

You’ll get it the formula here, inside Sales Mastery Boot Camp. Very few have one today. Most fail, miserably, when presenting and selling and meet incredible resistance as a result. But not you, not after you get your hands on this exclusive training. Plus, you’ll see below how to get a one-on-one “Sales Process Review” coaching call with me as part of Sales Mastery Boot Camp training (a $563 value!).

What a shortcut this is for you! You’re welcome.  ;)

This may very well be THE best sales training that exists today, created and directed by 20-year sales and marketing veteran and International best-selling author of Sales Velocity, Andrew J. Cass. Get it here, NOW for only $97. Or, get Sales Mastery Boot Camp along with a 45-minute "one-one-one" Coaching Call and Sales Funnel Review with Andrew, for only $297.

Your choice now, as to how fast you want to go in 2017…
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Let's Get On A Phone Call Together And Review Your Current Sales Process...
You have a unique opportunity to get the Sales Mastery Boot Camp 2-part video training PLUS, a "One-On-One" Coaching Call with Andrew Cass. A member of Andrew's team will reach out to you right away to get you scheduled for a 45-minute phone call or screen share (whatever you prefer) in which Andrew will do a top-down review of your current sales process.

No doubt you will leave this call with a handful of actionable items certain to increase your sales conversions. Andrew's one hour phone consultation rate is $750. This alone is a $563 value!
FREE Bonus Training, "ROI Triggers: How To Get The Maximum Value And The Most Money Out Of Every Sales Lead", A $97 Value...

This was a LIVE in-person seminar hosted by Andrew Cass in Miami, FL last year. Andrew revealed a "3-part method" for getting the maximum value and the most money out of every sales lead. Just this method alone is guaranteed to make you at least 1 extra sale per month, 12 per year, guaranteed or your money back. This is how you do more with less.

This training alone sells on its own for $97!

Here's What A Few Top Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Andrew's Advanced Training's...

Newly Elected To The Inc. 5000 List...

“Our company grew from ZERO in 2011 to $1.1 Million in 2013, over $2 Million in 2014, and just about $3 Million in 2015. We were elected to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest growing companies in 2016 and Andrew’s mentorship and being part of his 7-Figure Mastermind group had a big impact on our growth. If you have the opportunity to join his Inner Circle and get access to this type of high-level training, you really should. Andrew is brilliant and will help you see your business in a completely different light.”

- Josh Nelson

"One Idea Put Me Over $11k For The Month"...

“I implemented ONE idea Andrew spoke about at one of his sales training seminars in Miami and I booked three new resume clients in one day! It wound up giving me the extra revenue to put me over $11k in sales this month, making it my best month yet since leaving the legal world. Thanks!”

- Wendi Weiner: The Writing Guru, Forbes Career Coach, Huffington Post Contributing Writer

"We Added An Extra $250,000 From One Idea.."

“I just added an extra $250,000 in revenue to my bottom line from ONE webinar implementation idea Andrew Cass gave me. Thanks would be an understatement. Our company has doubled in revenue EVERY year since being a part of his Inner Circle. In 2015 and 2016 we landed on the Inc. 5000 List of fastest growing privately held companies in the US, and these trainings, these philosophies Andrew teaches and writes about have been a big part of our success.”

- RJon Robins: Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, an Inc. 5000 company
30-Day "Rock Solid" Money Back Guarantee...
If you are not absolutely thrilled with the 2-part Sales Mastery Boot Camp training and the ROI Triggers free bonus, give us a call or send us an Email at Sales Velocity headquarters and we will issue you a full refund. Last we checked, we've never had anyone ask for a refund. This training is THAT good. And no doubt these training's will be a huge asset to you as you prepare to make more sales in 2017...
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